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Welcome to the World of Macross!

This is my first ever Macross sitey.
There is 2 sections to consider. The romance section. And the just normal Macross section.
Special thankies goes to Eric Smith, Paul Santa Cruz, and Skull_One. For sending me some of the needed pics and offering the enouragement needed to start this site.
Choose your pathways below!

Enter Macross Romance!
Enter Macross Gallery.
If you came from my Sailor Moon Romance site, you can transport back here.

Oh yes. There will be some images with red or blue borders around them? Well. Those are mine. I did them off my VCR capture board. I intend to do more. But pleze ask before you take. Kay? Also, if you visit, give me a mail. I haven't had any yet! -_-

My Macross intuition says

Macross fans have visited without giving me an e-mail. -_-

You can klick on pikachu to e-mail me. C'mon! He likes Macross too!


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